We're all on a different journey, and that's okay.

 We’re all on a different journey and there are plenty of reasons you might’ve been brought to this page. Maybe you’re here because you’re seeking help in a broken world and are experiencing a difficult time in life. Maybe you don’t agree with Christians, but you’re curious what we have to say. It could be that Christianity has burned you and All City feels different for some reason or you don’t know what to believe. Perhaps you are sold on Jesus and are looking for a way to get involved. It’s even possible you accidentally stumbled upon this page and have no idea why you’re here. No matter the situation or where you are in life —we love and accept you right where you’re at.

We tried to come up with three generalized areas in which you might land so try your best to identify with one, and we can then hopefully help lead you in the right direction.
There are so many different beliefs. Why should I choose Christianity when many Christians have shown themselves to be judgmental, ignorant, and unloving? If God is real and good, why does He allow so many terrible things to happen? Why should I believe in something that I’ve never seen scientific proof of? So many of the stories in the Bible seem outlandish. My doubts are significant and feel logical.
I’m not sure what I believe. All I know is I need something, perhaps someone. Is it a higher power? Is it God? Or maybe I’m just longing for purpose. The world is broken and so am I. I need a reason to keep going. I think there might be something out there but I’m not totally convinced. If God is real, I want to know and feel the love that Christians claim to know and give. I just want answers.
I said yes to Jesus, and even though life still has its challenges, I know I don’t have to do it alone. All City has made me feel like I belong and I want to do the same for others. Life is a series of steps and I know God is leading me to take more. I want to grow in my faith, keep my eyes on Him, and live more like Him — shining as a light in this dark world. I’m all in.